Intro: Shred Dojo RWR

Thanks for checking out Shred Dojo Real World Reviews.

Why RWR Exists

  • Industry paid reviews are unreliable. They’re hard to trust and you have to read deep in-between the lines to get much of value from them.
  • Shred DOJO reviews are user-submitted, open source, and free of industry bias.
  • The reviews we post on our site are submitted straight from the MTB community and only edited for grammar and clarity.

Would You Like to Submit a Review of Your Own?

The community would greatly appreciate it. All we ask is that you confirm that you are not a sponsored rider of the bike in question and that you answer the question form to the best of your ability.

If interested, send an email to and we’ll get you the question list to facilitate your submission.

It’s fun to check out what others in the MTB community ride. Follow along as we share rides from around the world in the Dojo!

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